Marine Lovers Exhibition

2021, UK

‘Marine Lovers...their fishy beginnings’ was an exhibition and performance by London-based artist Zoë Marden at V.O Curations in Mayfair. The exhibition comprised a new series of ceramic sculptures and a new two-channel film, shot by directors of photography Rosie Taylor and Charlie Hope, within a multimedia installation. Marden’s performance was an exploration of watery embodiment, looking at the writing of Astrida Neimans in her text “Bodies of Water”. It was developed  in collaboration with sound artist Mohammed Rowe and performers Imogen Alvares and Pierre.

Location: London, UK
Status: Completed 2021
In collaboration with: Zoë Marden
Hosted by: VO Curations
Supported by: AORA
Area: 50m² 
Photography: James Retief

The exhibition design was developed in collaboration with the artist, presenting two triangular plinths covered in black sand on which the sculptures were showcased. The plinths acted as anchor points, assuming multiple possible positions within the gallery space. Their angular shapes allowed for unexpected forms of interaction by the performers. Two benches completed the set by providing informal viewing points towards the video projections.

The plinths and benches were designed to be made with a small number of tools and without specialist skills. The components were cut out of two 18mm plywood sheets and assembled with screws and glue. The lightness of the pieces reflect the economy of the fabrication process.